I went for a walk

in the forest – it doesn’t matter

how I got there.

It was deep enough into January to sense


settled deep into the landscape – yet

a readiness was evident,

a quiet preparation for the green noise

that will soon fill the air.

I wandered down old paths,

camera in hand, drawn

to a wet poetry I sensed.


photographs were taken – an appreciation

of stately cedar, still pond waters, lichen and fern,

the rusting, moss covered hulk of an old car

full of bullet holes.

And I returned with a picture poem of

place and time, filtered

through fog,

through water.


through the lenses of my



and camera.


remembers Spider’s path…

water permeates


Photos taken on 1/19/14,  in Marckworth State Forest, near Duvall, Washington, with a Panasonic Lumix G3 camera, kit lens (14 – 42mm, f 3.5), processed in Lightroom and OnOne Perfect Effects 4.


  1. I love your ‘place and time’ filtered BB … so much tranquillity here .. the natural muted tones are lovely … and then just so you don’t forget there is the squishy green moss …

    • Thank you Patti – don’t you wish our worlds were just a quick hour’s drive apart? That would be great – we’d have the best of both worlds. But as it is, we have each other’s (and many others’) blogs, and we enjoy that!

  2. This is such an enchanting sensory experience…your words and pictures…I wish I could think of the superlative of “enchanting”

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