1. This picture has really grown on me– an intriguing, monumental and very self-conciously centered composition. It tells us, “don’t be afraid to break rules!”

    I love the contrast between your soft-focused window and the texture of the wood. A really strong image, Lynn.

    as an aside… I can’t help but note how it recalls the many beautifully composed scenes in Carlos Reygadas’ Stellet Licht… a 2007 film about Mennonites in Mexico.


  2. You know I always enjoy hearing your reactions. I’ll have to check out that film – I haven’t heard of it. I grew up aesthetically in & around the 70’s NY art scene. I guess I don’t spring off from that history all that much with my photography, but sometimes it’s apparent, in photos like this that I could also connect to people like Ellsworth Kelly or even Don Judd. For years and years – well, since the early 70’s – I’ve been attracted to that dead center, minimalist look. Thanks for reminding me of that connection. (As for the Mennonites and spiritual simplicity, that’s another long time influence, but more towards zen than the Mennonites). I think you would love the farmland around this little shack. A different kind of beauty than E. Long Is. farmland, but there are similarities in the textures and slight roll to the land, I think.


    • The minimalist look speaks a certain language for sure. Regarding the film– I was actually disappointed with it’s Mennonite “spiritualism” because it seemed to come at the expense of a pretty obvious feminist POV which could’ve been explored. In spite of that, the cinematography/sound was startling. I’ve never seen a film with such a high percentage of dead-center shots before. Quite memorable in that regard.


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