December has flown by and a new year is about to dawn.  For those of you who’ve had it tough in 2013, I wish for you a much easier time in 2014.

To all who come here, thank you for looking and sharing your thoughts.

And thank you for all that you do on your own blogs – you can’t imagine how much that nourishes me.

Here’s to another creative year!

And here is (I hope) a visual treat to end the year  –   some favorite photos, from 1/3/2013 to  12/29/2013:



    • You saw right – it wasn’t a happy subject, but in my eyes there was great beauty there – I believe a hunter shot that goose and left it in the field. Thanks for your kind words, and Happy New Year to you as well!

  1. Always such a treat to visit your part of the world Lyn, wherever you happen to be. Thank you so much and wishing you and your family all the best of the New Year to come!

  2. A wonderful set of captures Lynn–if forced, I’d choose the first and second as tied for favorites but I enjoyed every single shot! All the best in the New Year to you!

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  4. Oh WOW!! I’m catching my breath here…spectacular images all! I keep going back and looking at them again and again! A very Happy New Year to you and yours! Can’t wait to see what you capture through your lens in 2014!

  5. Your photography makes me want to do back flips, cartwheels and hand claps. Since the two latter would put me in the hospital I’ll just sit here and smile ‘brightly’. Keep up the wonderful work.

  6. Great seeing many of those images again, including some I totally don’t recall.

    A very big “like” for your dead goose photograph, an image which has a profound ache and which suggests a still from a film yet to be made. Wonderful. I also don’t recall your lily pads image. This is a composition which you nailed right down to the pixel. 🙂

    Best wishes for the New Year Lynn, and may you find many wonderful new subjects.

    • So good to hear from you – and thanks for your comments, which are always listened to carefully. Re the lily pads – composition is something I really have to work at so that’s a nice thing to hear – Best to you as well & I hope to see more of your work soon.

    • If anyone knows visual poetry inside out it’s you, Karen. May your year also be full of creativity. Thanks for stopping by, thanks for commenting, and thanks for doing inspiring,thought-provoking work.

  7. Lynn, you produce the most emotive images of the natural world I’ve ever seen. Ah, if only I could manage to come remotely close to this level of expression. 🙂 These photographs are something else! I enjoyed each one. What is the image of the “boulders” ? I think #12. There are so many here that I love. I have to follow more closely. I get lost around here and have obviously missed something significant here. 🙂

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