We had some gorgeous skies yesterday afternoon. I was driving, so I experimented with different angles through the windshield (using my phone)  –









I’m glad I didn’t get caught fiddling with my phone in city traffic.   When I opened up the files to look at the images I wished I had a newer phone – there’s so much noise in these! But hey, I’m happy with them.

Have a wonderful holiday if you’re celebrating this week, and if you’re not, I send you best wishes anyway!



  1. An irresistible subject. I love the tracery of wires across the skies. As a new follower, I’m looking forward to enjoying your eye.

    I’ve just been prowling through old analogue albums, and I devoted a whole one to skies in Broken Hill, my onetime home in the desert. I also became obsessed with very different skies when I was visiting Warsaw as a way of backgrounding buildings. ( Recently I got a bit hooked on photos in the side mirror of the car.

    • Thank you! I took a quick look at your blog and very much appreciated your vision of the beach – all the details. I agree, photos in the side view mirror are really fun – hope you make a collection of them!

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