The other day Paul Davis, who has a really fine photography blog at  rpdpod, posted a photograph with the title, “Ashokan Farewell.”  Paul consistently comes up with more interesting titles than anyone I know. His photo of worn, bent grasses with bright daylight coming through trees in the distance was titled after an American folk tune called Ashokan Farewell.

It’s a beautiful piece of music, one that I love.  As I listened to it again I remembered an inspiring afternoon up at the Ashokan Reservoir in New York State. I was living in the city (NYC) back then and thirsted for wide open spaces, for wilderness. The beautiful waters and mountains satisfied my hunger that day.  Here are photos of the reservoir  and a link for the song, played by the man who wrote it, Jay Unger. I hope you can enjoy them together.

This may not be your typical Christmas season fare, but I trust you enjoyed it! Thanks to Paul for prompting this reverie.

You can find Paul’s photo, Ashokan Farewell, on his website in the December archives – it was posted on 12/18.


  1. Loved the non-typical fare! The music touched me far more than Jingle Bells ever could have. I have this feeling I’ve heard it somewhere before (one of Ken Burns documentaries?) And the images to go with the melody, so peaceful and serene. Thank you on this day of turning back to the light!


  2. So sweet, Lynn. Queen Anne’s lace shadow is gorgeous (we all agree). Happy to know we share such pleasure in that haunting piece, and thanks for the mention. I hope your holidays are good.


  3. I’ve just sat alongside you BB looking out over the stillness in that scene listening to a piece of music I’ve heard this many times before [ but not known it’s title thank you ] quite wonderful for a Sunday morning 🙂
    LOve those wavy insinuating shadows of the QA Lace ….
    Warm wishes across the miles to you for the holiday season …


  4. Always nice to see wild carrot’s flowers ( white). Could have been aethusa cynapium ( poisonous) but aren t as they have multiple bractee under the flowers. Nice pictures all together.


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