We may not usually consider flocks of birds to be communities, but I think they fit the definition. Here, a small community of birders is photographing a flock of Black Skimmers at Bunche Beach on Florida’s west coast. When these two communities intersect, the human one derives an obvious benefit, but the bird community can benefit too, when the photographers’ images move people to understand, appreciate and continue to protect habitats and their inhabitants.

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “Community.” There are hundreds of photographic ideas of community to be found here.


  1. I recently did a one-day training for online community managers, and the very first thing that one of the trainers showed us to demonstrate “community” was this: a film of a flock of birds moving back and forth on the sky. Somehow the group itself keeps moving in different directions, and everyone follows, they stick together. Your interpretation is on spot here, and yes, how interesting to see what happens when one community follows another. Great post (again)!


  2. Love it! Particularly like how you extrapolated the interconnection into a positive impact for the bird community. I’d actually been contemplating posting some seagull photos for this challenge… great minds eh..? : )))


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  4. I particularly like the way in which the lines in this composition converge – the clouds in the sky, the ridges in the sand , the direction of the attention of three of the photographers. The fact that the fourth photographer is facing in the opposite direction somehow adds another layer of interest to the picture.


    • I wavered between cutting that person out and leaving her in, and finally it looked better with her there, which seemed counter-intuitive. But you have pointed out why it works. You’re always thinking Louis! A good thing, when you pass along your observations to the rest of us. 🙂


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