The Light That Struggles to be Seen…

…can be a metaphor for difficult times. On Thanksgiving Day I needed some air so I went down to Kirkland’s waterfront. The fog was so heavy it laid on the water like a great dollop of heavy cream. Seattle’s skyline, just across the lake – nowhere to be seen. A cormorant fishing twenty yards off – barely visible. Foghorns – dimly heard.Β  And the figures at the end of the pierΒ  – vague shadows…

As I began to walk back to the car the sun burned a hole through the fog, lighting up a child throwing rocks into the lake. I hadn’t brought a filter so I held my sunglasses in front of the camera for a final, strangely lit shot:

The Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge is to show light by featuring a light source, so I thought it appropriate that the light source, in these darkening days, was barely visible. Here are other interpretations of the challenge.


  1. Oh Lyn, both beautiful shots and what a sight for you to catch when the sun did come through the fog. It brings quite a lump to the throat. . .. I hope you managed to get the fresh air you needed.


  2. I loved my week un Seattle when i Was 17!
    Reading your post and viewing your pictures brings me back then. Also love the way you take pictures. Well written as well…


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    • One of the interesting things that afternoon was that quite a few people were waking onto the pier, and most were speaking either Indian/Pakistani or Chinese. I heard very little English. With Microsoft HQ nearby we’re very diverse, but not typically to that degree. So I was thinking the “natives” were still inside celebrating a more traditional Thanksgiving and the non-natives had eaten their fill and wanted to get out. Just a theory…


  4. What a lovely moment to capture BB . a feeling of intimacy between parent and child sharing time together in a simple way ..
    I hope you found the fresh air you were seeking πŸ™‚


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