I went for a walk through Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle today, and I found layers of leaves…

Even the pine cones were layered with pine needles:

This weeks’ Weekly Photo Challenge is “Layers.”   More interpretations can be seen here.


  1. Beautiful details full of texture. The pine cone and needles is exceptional in sepia (?) – I love the Fibonacci spirals of pine cones and this one really shows it so well. You’ve captured the small pleasures of the end of season perfectly!


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  5. Thank you Karen. Though these are very different from your work, you know sometimes I do images with a softer look, or blurred, etc., and I want to tell you that I carry your style in my mind very often, and it inspires me.


  6. Oh, I do love leaves…even when I lived in the desert of Arizona, I always looked forward to the minimal Fall that we had. We had planted a Cottonwood in our back yard so that we *would* have something that resembled Fall every year. Very nice images, Lynn…wonderful, actually. 🙂


    • Thank you Scott – leaves are like paper, and they’re very graphic, simple images, with a basic shape & so many variations. I’ve always loved them too. And now I’m appreciating cottonwoods, with their nicely heart shaped yellow leaves and that cool cotton.


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