Maybe it’s because I was influenced by grids in 1960’s and 70’s American painting and sculpture, or maybe it’s my family’s predilection for order and predictability, but fences attract me. I like the idea of superimposing a little man-made order on nature. BUT…

…me being me, fences are most interesting when they’re breached or interrupted, or when they’re met with disorderly conditions and do un-fency things.

A faded length of construction safety fence has fallen on the ground:


Chain link fence casts shadows on a construction tarp and weeds join in the shadow dance:


A mangled wire fence lies in the woods, its  grid criss-crossing shadows of nearby trees:

On a ferry, a fence blows in the wind behind glass set with a wire grid:



  1. Having experienced the 60’s in the U.S., I always thought of fences negatively, Lynn. Still do, I guess. But I like how you have used them in these images and especially in the last.that seems to be smiling.


    • Well, me too, but…like I said to someone above, it’s more a visual interest of mine. But there’s beauty in having a limitation, so you can creatively figure out ways around it, right?


    • It was a perfect moment, light-wise – very late in the day. I was walking along a sidewalk next to a construction site, which is actually at the Botanical garden where I usually take photos. The photos of the construction site fence were some of the best shots of the day!


  2. Wow. I would say it is remarkable! you have captured the fences from you brilliant views. I love the first picture most which is very rich in color while others are also stunning!. Thank you for sharing, Blue.


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