Heaped Horizons

Up on Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park last weekend I gazed at the distant horizon of the Olympic Mountain Range, a floating parade of glacier-covered peaks. Marching out to the Olympic mountain tops were folded hills covered in dark spruce and fir. Closer by, the slopes were clad in gold grass sprinkled with evergreens. At my feet, there was yet another horizon, a thin veil of grass stems: horizon heaped upon horizon, as far as I could see.

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is “Horizon”  –  you might broaden yours by checking out a heap of horizons here.


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  3. Absolutely gorgeous, and such different geography from here on the East Coast. I love the contrast in the light, thin grasses and the dark, dense mountains behind. Wonderful, thank you for sharing.


    • Nice to hear from you – I have to pay you a visit! Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it. Too bad I didn’t come up with a profoundly simple haiku…but no matter, the photo is enough.


    • It does Lynn. I just love it. I love the feeling I have when I’m up high. One can’t help but be taken in by the view, but bending down and shooting it through those golden grasses made it more fun.


    • Thank you for commenting Tina and I’m glad you like that – it’s a beautiful view but I saw more than that, and I was glad that the photo turned out. Couldn’t decide if I wanted to remove the reflection (I was shooting into the sun) so I just left it.


  4. A magnificent horizon view BB !
    The natural interweaving and criss crossing of the blue mountains is beautifully set off with your foreground .


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  8. Catching up here. Good grief I dislike missing any of your posts. If only I could do more than one thing at a time! UGH! Okay, let me just say, looking at this image on my 27″ iMac is a treat. It just lights up the monitor with its vivid colors and sharpness. Love how the grass in the foreground looks like I could reach out and touch it, it is so real. And the mountains, oh the mountains. Except for summer camp in NC I have never lived around mountains yet find them so breathtakingly beautiful. The flat lands of Alabama’s Black Belt – not so inspiring! 🙂


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