What hue are you? This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge wonders how readers might reveal themselves via color.

These days I’m variable hues, reflected in the photo I took today.  Another day I may be the pure blue of an Yves Klein painting, or pale as dry sand in the dunes.  I remember a time when every night as I closed my eyes to sleep, a textured field of color flashed in my head – a shiny round of chartreuse, a densely shaded, rough earth brown, a rippled, floating, translucent pink. I don’t know what prompted the color fields, but each night I enjoyed that fleeting moment.      I was smart enough not to seek it, so the vision came and went lightly.

These days I rarely see those images, but no matter – color is a daily companion, intensifying sensory pleasure, carrying me along time’s winding ribbon.

Weekly Photo Challenge: “The Hue of You.”


  1. I love this! I have been spending the last few hours trying to figure out the hue of me and I can’t settle on a particular color, So now I won’t feel so bad when it’s more than one. 🙂 Thanks!


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    • Both! My response to visual stimuli tends to be pretty spontaneous. I imagine there’s no way to tease apart shape from color here, for me anyway. Sometimes it’s definitely one or the other, but sometimes it’s just an impression of a whole that grabs me.


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