Final Act, Infinite Circle




It’s the season when Coho Salmon swim back up

the rivers and creeks here.

Completing its long journey,

this fish returned to its birthplace

on a muddy edge of the Skykomish River,

where it died.

But before it traced the final graceful ripples in cold water,

it mated.

Eggs were laid;

the infinite,


within the finite.


This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is “Infinite. “


    • Very melancholy, yes. There were so many dead salmon in the river the other day. When the Skykomish River meets the Snoqualmie River, they join and become the Snohomish River! How do you like that!?! (And nearby is the Sammamish River).


  1. Oh I just love how your mind works. Lovely. Simply lovely. I have always been fascinated with the life of salmon and their full circle journey. Fascinating and to see it, even more so. You witnessed what they had come to do. (Hopefully though not the fish sex part! :-))


    • Last year we watched a good sized salmon work its way up the tiniest creek – it was very, very shallow and strewn with branches & debris. It was a heavily wooded area so we could only follow the fish a little way, but what we saw was impressive. I was sure it couldn’t make it through but I know they do it. It would be fun to see the eggs being laid – maybe someday.


  2. Many years ago, when I was quite young, I followed the salmon while on a trip to foreign shores. It was a time before breeding farms and technological fishing… and the experience was one of learning to appreciate nature. I still remember the awe I felt watching the determination of those beautiful fish.


    • So I’m glad you saw this and it brought back that memory. Last year we watched a decent sized salmon fighting its way up the smallest, shallowest creek – all alone – it was inspiring. You’ll be happy to know that there is great energy here to tear down dams and keep rivers clean for the salmon.


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