will allow


a few moments of no-you:

moments when the self is



Saturday, 10/05/13, 8:59 AM. Aboard the Fauntleroy/ Vashon Island ferry.

Fog on the Sound:






The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is “Good Morning.”


  1. Oh I so love your images. It’s like such lovely moments are made just for you to capture. So glad that after you do you share them with us. (I haven’t disappeared just totally in a work bubble and have been almost non-stop trying to get projects done. I am a crazy lady! But having tons of fun!) šŸ™‚


  2. Those “no-you” moments are to be cherished. It just doesn’t happen enough. It’s good to step outside (in more ways than one)/ Lovely post.


  3. This is a wonderful picture of morning. I suffer these mornings, because of daylight saving time. It is completely dark when I get up… and it makes it harder to enjoy the day.


    • It’s getting light when I wake up here – at least for now- but that will change, and last year the endless gray and lack of light over the winter months really got to me – I’m hoping I’ll adapt better this year. We are summer people, I guess!


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    • What an interesting place to grow up! I’ll have a post with more Vashon photos soon – we enjoyed the day & it was our first trip over there. I used to hear ferry horns sometimes in bad weather when I lived in NYC, not so long ago – a wonderful sound, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by & commenting.


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