This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge calls for saturated images.  For that, I give you poppies….

The poppies above are several different types, all in the poppy family, or Papaveraceae.

The blue ones are Meconopsis ‘Lingholm’ – the famous Himalayan Blue Poppy.

The bright red one at the top is an Oriental poppy – Papaver orientale, probably ‘Brilliant.’ Most of the others are also oriental poppies, but the little orange bud is a California poppy; Eschscholzia californica.


And here are a few phrases from online definitions of saturation:

The condition of being full to or beyond satisfaction;  reaching a maximum capacity;  the act or result of supplying so much of something that no more is wanted.

There are hundreds of Weekly Photo Challenge entries to be found here. Try not to get too saturated wading through them!


    • I hear they’re not easy – I don’t have a garden now, but I have to say, the Bellevue Botanical Garden, where those ones grow, sure made it look easy. I guess you have to have luck getting them established, then maybe it’s easier after that.


    • Hi there! Yes, I love to identify things – always have. At the same time, I’m aware of the pitfalls of what identification can do – the pigeon-holing, the blinders that can ensue – but I think both worlds – that of identifying/naming and that of being-with, without the name, are valuable.


  1. As always Lynn, another beautiful collection beautifully shot. I think they are all my favourites this time though I really like the blue poppies! I find poppies a wonderful flower to photograph with such a variety of colours, textures and light. Was this from one garden?


    • A variety of places – the Himalayan poppies grow at the Bellevue Botanical Garden near Seattle. The little California poppy grows wild around here – that was near an abandoned RR track I like to walk along – they probably grow wild near you too? The orientals are from BBG and Snug Harbor, a small garden in NYC. Glad you liked them !!


    • That may be my fav too, Tina – like I said on your blog, I’m amazed that yo manage to create great photos & interesting posts on your blog, respond to comments and then comment on other people’s blogs too – all while traveling in foreign lands! Home safe!


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  3. Yikes, Ive missed so many great posts as Ive not been on the web much lately but Ive thoroughly enjoyed catching up this morning. I love your saturated photos as I am a big poppy fan and they grow quite well here. Mum has a lovely raspberry coloured poppy that Ive gathered the seeds from so hopefully I will have them in my garden too. I particularly like your third photo of the wet bloom sweeping down over the poppy seed head. It looks so protective.


    • That photo is nice I think because it’s a differnet look from the typical poppy picture, so thank you. I’ve been away from a lot of bogs too – but I guess the blogs are not going away anytime soon, are they?


  4. Nice interpretation, both in color and the sense that an area is saturated.
    We purchased a bag full of poppy seeds last weekend from a woman who had harvested the seeds from her garden. We hope to have a “field”, such as you photographed, to replace what “lawn” we have in our small front yard.


  5. gasp. opening this post was like sipping a soothing tonic on a steamy day! wow, have i missed seeing your posts!

    spent last night at a friend’s hostal and am leaving at dawn to meet a group of 35 – an hour’s drive away… will be w/them for the weekend, then a return to my friends’ off-the-grid property… it will be another month before i am home…

    the images are so totally you, so totally always lovely. i hope to meet you in person one of these days!

    have a great weekend,


    • That’s really nice to hear Lisa – wow, you’re away a long time; that can’t be easy. And you manage to keep posting, with all the traveling & gaps in internet access – admirable energy you have! It WOULD be wonderful to meet, wouldn’t it? Ya never knw! For now, we’ll enjoy one another’s blogs…


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