Inside and Out

Whether inside looking out or outside looking in, it often feels like you’re in both places – you feel the atmosphere and hear the sounds around you, but as your visual attention pulls you through the window, your mind begins to loosen its bonds to the senses that hold you in place….







This week the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is to illustrate “inside.”Β  No sooner do I think about “inside” than I want to consider “outside.”Β  How do the two interact?Β  Hence these photos, which were taken through windows, and of windows. I hope they convey a sense of the complex interplay of light and shadow, reflections, and scenes outside and inside.

More views of “inside” can be found here.


    • Thanks Ken. That photo was from a cloudy spring day when I went up to Skagit County to see the tulips, but between the traffic and the gray skies, I took only a few flower photos – of daffodil fields. THen I stopped at a nursery and noticed this window and vine, and some extremely mossy old 40’s pick-ups they had parked in the back, so it wasn’t a loss. You just don’t always get what you planned to get, do you? Almost always works that way.

  1. Wonderfully moody selection, Lynn. When I saw the first shot in my reader I thought it was Nia and her lovely shots from Turkey, but then you add so much variety. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. I enjoy working with windows and similar fixed openings – they provide a ‘natural’ cropping that sharpens or clarifies the focal point of interest – and you have chosen some good examples. I like the second. but especially the third (taking a detached view of the world beneath) and the fifth (the perspective takes me deep into the picture and the grunge effect creates a wonderful atmosphere).

    • The third is the Seattle Public Library – so many wonderful architectural details to play with there. The fifth was a building under construction in NY as seen from the High Line, which is an abandoned elevated railbed turned into a park, so you have great views into buildings several stories up, some very new & shiny, some gritty. I’m always drawn to construction sites. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. What a marvelous set of unique point-of-view images, Lynn! I had to look at each one for a while, trying to see what you were seeing when you shot the photo. I love when an artist’s eye leads us to see the world in a new way.

    • Wow, that’s great to hear, because one thing – probably the moan thing – I’ve always endeavored to do is to show a different view, another way of looking, and of thinking about the world. I was thinking yesterday when I visited your site that you are accomplished in music, writing and photography (not to mention gardening) and probably more. And you do all of them with such grace. So thanks for your words!

    • Good to hear from you Patti – really! The 5th shot is from the HIgh Line 2 yrs ago, looking into some building. One of my favorite things – construction – always plenty of odd construction scenes on NY streets.

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  5. ‘Inside’ sounds so very definite but you make something else of the meaning BB.
    The obscurity in some of your photos here make me want to peer in and see more …

  6. Very clever, thought provoking images that could all quite easily be book covers. Its strange how they all give me a sense of foreboding – its quite unsettling not knowing exactly what lies within isnt it.

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