August 18, 2012 was the date of my first WordPress post.  There was just one comment on it, so it’s a safe bet that almost no one reading this also saw that first post. 

It was short and simple, and it established a theme I return to again and again: a particular view of the natural world.  I’ve posted images on this blog of the built world too, and people and things.  But the outdoors is for me the ground on which everything else depends, the field I return to, to cultivate again and again.

Here’s a reprise of that first post:


Earth holds its breath for a few days – everything is still, heavy with light and summer dreams, waiting to move forward into autumn.

A late afternoon elegy of sunlight breaks through the tree line along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, speaking of summer’s impending dispersion into fall.

This photo was taken (but sometimes I think they’re given to me) at a preserve near Woodinville, WA. I felt uninspired – glum, even. But I forced myself into the car and went searching  for a little deliverance. It came gradually:  a field of flowers, a jay, a wren, a creek, leaves, seeds…and color and light.


That post was followed by 100 more.   Putting together image and word, and then sending the finished product out into cyberspace, has become an important means of expression in my life.  Knowledgeable people may decry the overuse of the internet and its tendency to erode human relationships, but I have been enriched by my work here and the work and thoughts of all the people who visit.  New relationships spring forth out of this virtual world all the time, and yes, they may not have the thick texture of flesh and blood relationships, but they do enrich us.

So thank you for being here, whether it’s your first or 50th visit.  And please permit me the indulgence of reprising some of my favorite images from posts past…

Bluebrightly will wander here and there, but the blog will always return to dwell on the gifts of the natural world, and the blogger will always be thankful for you, the reader.


All images are mine except the soldier with poppies and the Afghan boy with the helmet.  Those two are courtesy of my son.


    • Thank you, solo! You know I love bird watching with you! So thank you for all those posts, for constantly pushing yourself to do more, and for sharing the struggle and the rewards..

  1. Stunning images – in colour, in composition & in variety.

    You’re certainly a brilliant photographer and definitely have that knack of drawing the eye in, and around the frame. Not every photographer has that knack. Some photographers just take a photo. Some photographers are good at editing and post processing……and over-saturating.

    But it takes real talent and a creative eye to draw the viewer into the frame. The twittered knarled tree trunk image and that last one of the dry leaves clinging to the barbed wire are the type of images that many photographers pass by unnoticed, but I like the fact that you appreciate the smaller details.

    …….and congratulations on 100 posts and a year of sharing your gifts. I’m enjoying your photography very much.

  2. Congratulations! But I’m so glad you reposted these shots. They are very impressive and I would guess that most bloggers (because there are just too many great blogs to follow out there) find it as hard as I do to go back in time.

    • Thanks Gunta – yes, we don’t have time to go scrolling all the way back. There are a lot of really god blogs and it’s hard enough to keep up with the ones I like. You may notice I visit yours irregularly – I miss a bunch of posts because I’m too busy with work for a week, then I stop by and am amazed by what I see. One of these days, I know I’ve said it before, I’ll get down to Oregon! In the meantime I can enjoy your photos.

  3. Congratulations on the one-year anniversary. I enjoyed the images very much. It is a good idea to re-post images and even whole posts sometimes since almost nobody goes back more than a few clicks in time. I write my blog for my grandson. I hope he will view it with a forgiving eye one day! 🙂

    • Thank you George – I just sent a link to my blog to my son, who’s been out of internet range for a while. It’s a new kind of diary – just have to be sure it’s backed up somehow, right?

      • Well, our blogs are supposed to be held in perpetuity, but that’s a long time. 🙂 You can actually have them printed into book form by Blurb and several other online printers. I suppose we should download the posts. I don’t. But maybe I will consider that. Thanks.

  4. Congratulations! And thank you for posting photos from the past year, it was not that long ago that I (lucklily!) discovered your blog, so a lot of them I had not yet seen. Many of your photos are the kind that I feel I want to take the time to watch, really look at properly, perhaps return to again. They are, simply put, amazing, and I look forward to be following in your second blog year!

  5. Congratulations – yay for you, and us!! What stunning images, and I really love those words from your very first post. I so relate to that feeling of pushing yourself out the door, only to thank your lucky stars you did… as you find so much beauty, solace and inspiration in nature. : )))

    • It’s true – I had a rough time for a while and did have to push myself sometimes, but not so bad that I wasn’t able to see what was going on, and also see that it doesn’t last. And then appreciate the change when things turn around. You do a great job finding inspiration in that little beast (or are you just channeling his inspiration?), and you keep it fun and interesting!

  6. It’s a joy and an honor to see your beautiful, exciting world through your words and images. Congratulations! Wishing you endless days of inspiring and unforgettable blogging for the years to come!

  7. Absolutely perfectly said. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments about blogging and am so very glad indeed to be part of your cyber world. Your blog always enriches me and I like to see that people, often very far away from me are moved by the very things that move me too. Your pictures are always packed with emotion, thank you for blogging.

  8. Dear Lynn,
    And what a marvelous year it has been! And how I am enriched each time I see your work and soak in your words. I am so glad we met and I look forward to many more beautiful moments from this blog. Much love and gratitude, Sharon

  9. you have an artistic eye,the details you have captured are wonderful and breath taking. thank you for contributing towards the artistisc sphere, i highly appreciate your effort

  10. This is a fascinating celebratory collection and includes some fabulous images. Most importantly each picture has its own backstory and creates/recreates its own world and encourages the viewer to make connections. Collectively they show us how you see the world and, no doubt, help you to understand yourself a little better.

    • Without your thoughtful comments I would be the poorer. You’ve been taking the time to really think about what you see (and what you say!) for a while here, and it means a lot. Thanks for cheering me on, Louis! And please keep bringing us those seaweed abstracts and all the rest.

    • And thank you for setting down your thoughts on your own blog, which I enjoy very much for the way you marry a practical point of view honed by experience with a philosophical one. Yes, a beautiful world it is.

  11. Congratulations on reaching this anniversary. I’ve enjoyed following your blog although I was not here from the start. Thanks for the recap of some wonderful photography.

  12. Congratulation on your first anniversary of blogging my dear friend. It is a miracle for me to read this post where I could see your truly wonderful and stunning photos posted before I started blogging. I really appreciate it. keep blogging for me 🙂

  13. A beautiful retrospective – what a great idea! Congratulations on your first year and for sharing so many beautiful images with us, from the grand scenery to the quiet moment. I remember many of these images and they are wonderful to see again. I look forward to many more, it is always a pleasure to visit here 🙂 ~ Lynn

  14. Some truly wonderful shares, Lynn. I was going to say that the first shot was still the outstanding one for me, but as I scrolled down I found more and more to love. Here’s to the year ahead. 🙂

  15. What an exceptional set of photographs…I particularly like the guy fishing with the heron looking on…but they are all amazing….I’ll certainly be exploring much more of your excellent blog!

    • Thank you! Someone – cant remember who right now – recently had a similar photo. I think it was also in FL – a heron actually going into a fisherman’s bait cooler! So funny! It does make an amazing scene, to see human and heron side by side, looking for the same food.

  16. What a spectacular spread and celebration of your wonderful work. It is always such a pleasure, not simply to look at your shots but to feel somewhere there in the frame!

    • Thanks very much Patti – I really love following your blog, because you have a great eye AND of course it’s my old turf, so I like staying in touch with the city through you.

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