Weekly Photo Challenge

Sunny days

in the berry field


delicious desserts –

at least

for as long

as there are

raspberry ice cubes

in the freezer.

“Foreshadow” is the subject for this week’s photo challenge. More visual ideas of “Foreshadow” are here.


I am pleased to have been included in the current issue of  Woven Tale Press – “an eclectic culling of the blogging web” compiled by Sandra Tyler. Take a look!


  1. I was ready to grab some of those berries out of the box and put them on my yogurt for this morning’s breakfast!!! And congrats on being included in the book. Of course I peeked at your photos that were included. 🙂


    • We’ve had a lot of those deep blue sky days this summer – it’s so different from the east, with its variable weather patterns. And yes, they were/are good! Thanks for commenting!


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