What place?  Here!

Life has kept me too busy to post lately. This blog is an important creative outlet for me, and I really miss it.

Feeling desperate, I’m stealing a few minutes from my other life (quote unquote!) and posting a few recent photos:

Big Four Ice Caves,  Cascade Mountain Range, 20 miles east of Granite Falls, WA. The ice caves were behind me. It was mid June, and there was still plenty of deep snow up there.

Oak fern, Gymnocarpium dryopteris;  Big Four Ice Caves Trail.

Small unidentified grass. Here I tried free lensing – taking the lens off the camera and holding it backwards against the camera to get an unusual focus effect. Thanks to Leah, the fantastic photographer at Uprooted Magnolia, for the idea.

A grass at the Center for Urban Horticulture, in Seattle (shot normally).

Rather a theatrical daisy portrait – placed against watercolor paper, in sunlight.

And finally, a self portrait taken into and through a window on top of the Smith Tower in Seattle, with reflections and a view of the Space Needle in the distance.

I hope you’re enjoying summer! More soon….I hope!


  1. Lovely photos, Blue. Sometimes it’s enough to just post a few photos! A few moments outside your other life can quell those feelings of desperation.


  2. It IS important to have a creative outlet, to get into a zone…it’s almost a form of freedom, isn’t it. I love your photographs, and thought the shot you took with the lens “inside out” was amazing. Thanks for the tip, and for the tipper, I look forward to checking out Uprooted Magnolia.


  3. And we miss you! Daisies are my favorite flower, so I must say I am rather partial to that pic. That said though, taking the lens off the camera, that is a pretty cool trick! Glad you stole some time! 🙂


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