Companions – Boon and Otherwise

A “boon companion” is usually one with whom you have good times. There are many boon companions to be seen in readers’ contributions to the current Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, whose theme is “Companionable.”

My boon companion and I snapped a photo of our shadows one cold day in Manhattan:

These guys may not be boon companions, but they sure make an interesting pair:

I imagine these men that I noticed in a back alley in Seattle spend companionable time together every day – maybe not such productive time according to some people’s standards, but companionable nonetheless:

I’m not sure how much of a companion – boon or otherwise – this man thinks the Great Blue Heron that waits patiently beside him, hour after hour, really is:

On Captiva

These are most certainly boon companions – what trust – a calm face as the toenails are clipped:

Now, to throw a wrench into the flow of this post, did you know that gardeners talk about companion plants? Here’s a perfect example – only foliage, and what harmonious companionship they exhibit:

Back to a more typical view of companionship – this man can often be found playing his portable piano on the sidewalk outside Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  He plays as though there’s no better companion than his piano, and his music draws people whose companionship seems to grow deeper as they listen:

On a lighter note, these guys appear to be great companions too, don’t they?

Tomorrow another Weekly Photo Challenge will be posted. But meanwhile, there are a multitude of photos from last weeks challenge of companions to be found here.


  1. Really love these BB . You’ve given them them some thought. I have to laugh at the heron and fisherman what a great opportunist shot 😉


    • Thanks Poppy, yes I was lucky! It was in Florida, on Captiva Island, which is famous for seashells. There were lots of tourists around but they didn’t interrupt the important matter at hand…


  2. I love the “plant wrench” – gorgeous photo, but my favorite is the piano player and the hands held. I’ve seen this guy at Pike’s Place, but you captured such a wonderful moment – his hands on the piano, the couple hand in hand before him. Perfect framing, great image!


    • I thought of you when I added that, because I had been looking at your garden photos & I knew you’d like those leaves. That’s cool that you’ve seen the piano guy. I know he’s there a lot. Thank you!


  3. Hi! We thoroughly enjoyed all of these. Your kitty? If only our parrot (yes, the gravatar, i.e., Kuno) were so cooperative! You’d think that after 19 years of having his nails clipped regularly, he wouldn’t roar as he does… He is our boon companion, no question about it! BTW, seems you’ve adopted a new theme, or at least, changed the background? Gorgeous, like your photos. Happy July!


    • Yes, my cat, but he’s gone now, so it was nice to look into those eyes again…no surprise that your parrot is not quite as cuddly, but I bet he’s incredibly entertaining! Theme’s the same – maybe it wasn’t so obvious in other posts, who knows! Happy July to you, too…and happy sailing, no kayaking!


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