This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme is “Curve.”




                                                                                                                                       I love curves!

Be they subtle curves,

or strong ones,

Tight curves,

Or loose and flowing ones…

Be they sculptural,



Or a little loopy.

Curves piled upon themselves,

Begging to be handled,

Or elegantly arrayed in orderly rows,

They all please me, so much so that I feel them as big, gestural curves in my limbs, arcing through space…

but then,

there are also curves

that emerge


from the oven –

Those ones are just CURVALICIOUS!!

Curves of every imaginable type, from photographers all over the world can be found with a simple click, right here!


The spiral sculpture is “Salmon Waves,” by Paul Sorey, 2001. It’s located at the Hiram M. Chittenden Memorial Locks in Seattle.

The stone work is on a building in Philadelphia – I didn’t get the name or address.

The Chinese rooftop is at the Chinese Scholar’s Garden at Snug Harbor in Staten Island, New York.

The white wildflower is a White campion, or Silene latifolia.

Those wonderfully smooth, round stones can be found on the beaches along Washington’s coastline. These were at Rialto Beach.

The pleated leaves are False or Indian Hellebore (Veratrum viride), a very poisonous North American wildflower.

The sticky buns?  Wish I could say I made them. They’re from a small, home style restaurant in the little town of Edison, WA.


  1. Wow, these photos are simply beautiful! I couldn’t pick a favourite because as each new one appeared I thought ‘that’s it! That’s the one!’ Also I am CRAVING a sticky scroll right now. Yum.


  2. I particularly like the first and the third – the free flowing movement of the first and compositional balance and tone gradations in the third.


    • Thanks Louis – I think I processed the third one a bit similarly to what you do sometimes – more abstracted to show the shapes. It’s a great sculpture/subject to photograph.


  3. Wonderful collection of the curves. I like the third pic for the composition while others are truly stunning too…. Oh yes, especially the last one that made made me drooling! I love it. 🙂


  4. Oh how awesome is this post. You do such thoughtful work. The words, the images, oh you have such a rich and fertile creative spirit. Love. Love. Love this. “Begging to be handled,” that just brought a delightful smile to my face. Thank you for brightening my day! 🙂


    • Saying my work is thoughtful – coming from you – that’s cool, because certainly, you do very thoughtful work yourself. Thanks so much for passing along your response in detail – it makes a difference, really.


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    • Glad you enjoyed! It’s in Edison (up in Skagit Co). I’m pretty sure those were at the Farm to Market Bakery, a little cash only place that does light food and baked goods. Everything in Edison is fantastic – all 4 or 5 places!


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