This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge says, “Share a picture of a sign” and explain why you chose it.


There we were, the same day the Photo Challenge was announced,

wandering around a small town in the foothills of the Cascades.

It was bursting with interesting signs.

Snap, snap, snap went my phone, and

click, click went my camera.

All the best sign pictures were on my phone, so I sent them to my email to download onto my computer.

And they never arrived.

Boo hoo!!  Two lengthy phone calls to my phone carrier did not solve the problem.

I’m still working on it.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait, dammit

so I present you with certain

signs of life.

Most are posted in small towns in Washington State.

One is in New Jersey,

and two are in New York City.

I leave it to you to guess which signs were seen in New York.









You can find many more interpretations of this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge right here.


  1. Love these signs! I especially love the one covered in bullet holes…
    I have no idea which ones are in NY, but I will hazard a guess…maybe the coffee sign and the help wanted sign? Am I way off? I have never been to America so that’s my excuse 🙂

      • Mmm… Not in my case… 2 coffees and I get serious motor-mouth and it starts to make no sense after oh about the first two words or so…!! : )))

  2. I love your signs, Lynn, especially that last one!! That’s my favorite. I also love the “Flixable Shudels” ~ Wow! Wouldn’t it be great to work for that guy? I love the “Drink Coffee” one, along with many other cute 50s-era posters I have seen similar to that. Sum Tin Wrong Here: Where is my American Dream! Love that one too. I can’t tell, maybe the first one from New Jersey, and the second (with the dog) from New York? Or the help wanted sign from New York? Great photos as always, Lynn. 🙂

    • Good to hear from you Cathy – they’re fun…and I’m not telling yet…but I will say that photography-wise, I think the only one that’s more than a snapshot is the last one, which you said you liked best. I think flixable shudels sounds like something good to eat. (P.S. You’re not engaging in that time-tested American sport of Jersey-bashing, are you?)

      • You’re right, that “flixable shudels” does sound sort of like fixable strudels. Sounds like a sweet treat! As far as Jersey-bashing, well, what American doesn’t? Except the fine citizens of New Jersey. 🙂

  3. Yes, smart things faster!… 🙂 The first ones are Washington State, yes? I’ve seen trucks driven around our highways here with similar such confusing rants posted on them. What’s up with that? I was about to post a sign, but you’ve put me to shame. This is such an awesome post. Thanks! I’ll post my random little drivel anyway. 🙂 And I’d say the flixable shutle is New York.

  4. Still laughing at the flixible shudels, which of course (from a former kindergarten teacher) I know means flexible hours! Fantastic collection as always. Thanks!

    • Hey, thank you! I thought it was schedules misspelled, but it’s hours in Hebrew, right? You learn something every day…I’m glad you enlightened me. I have been remiss in getting to your blog and I feel bad – soon!

      • Oh no, I think you’re right now–nothing to do with Hebrew, but just superimposing what I thought upon it. After all, I just came back from spending time with my grandson who wrote that his mother’s favorite dessert was chikinnugis (chicken nuggets). So no worries!

  5. My computer has crashed twice trying to reply to this. 😦 So I will make it short and sweet. These made me laugh and scratch my head! The dog has gotta be Jersey.

  6. Skipped through above comments with eyes closed so I can take a guess at needing the Shudels in good old NYC, if not Queens. Is there sum tin wrong in NJ? A great set of signs covering quite a few interest groups!

    • You Nailed it, Patti! There’s sum tin wrong in New Jersey, and a number of others also guessed that the Help Wanted sign was seen in NY – actually Manhattan, I think, but I’m not sure. The snarling dog sign, which could have been NJ, is on a fence towards the north end of the High Line (below it). So that’s in NYC, too. The first sign is in a pretty remote, rural part o the Olympic Peninsula, on the Washington State coast. Thanks for your comment!

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