Another Photo Challenge is sparking ideas and sending photographers hunting for images taken “FROM ABOVE.”

Here is a collection of images, almost all from nature, that I have taken while looking down on my subject.

Since I was young I’ve liked looking down. Sometimes looking down flattens the space and creates interesting abstractions.

Sometimes looking down just keeps me anchored to the earth, or affords a view I hadn’t seen before.

Or, when there’s water involved, it’s a roundabout way of looking up.













These photos were taken between January, 2010 and a few days ago, on Captiva Island, Florida, on the High Line in New York, at Bellevue Botanical Garden in Bellevue, Washington, at Snug Harbor Botanical Garden in New York, at Anthropologie in Philadelphia, in Spring Lake, New Jersey, near Tannersville, New York, along the Dosewallips River in Washington, in the Marckworth Forest in King County, Washington, in the Quinault Rainforest in Washington, and in old Robe Canyon on the South Fork Stillaguamish River in Washington.

More interpretations of this challenge can be found here.


  1. Beautiful shots – I particularly love the one of the long grasses (or maybe it isn’t grasses…), just the lightest touch of color. Thanks for the treat! Be well~

    • I’m glad – thank you. It’s Hakone grass – a Japanese grass often used in landscaping. I took a lot of the color out in this image. Kind of appropriate that you chose this one!

  2. Beautiful photos once again, Lynn. I love the anthropologie dishes (that’s my favorite store of all time!), and the shells are just glowing. I also love the mushroom, the starfish, and the blurry fish from above! 🙂

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  4. As ever, an interestingly varied selection ranging from the confident to the adventurous. I applaud your willingness to experiment and take chances, particularly when you have no direct control over the outcome. But my favourite has to be the second. The black and white defines clearly the sharply focused geometric pattern of the seed head against the softer rhythmic flow of the grass, creating a nicely balanced composition..

    • Thanks Louis – I was happy with that one, too. I liked the way the grass in the background looks like someone’s scribbles. Sometimes things just arrange themselves for us, don’t they?

    • I think you said, “They are all wonderful, i don’t know which to choose … beautiful the attention with which you put in a row color tones happy evening” – so Grazie!

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