My Kinda Culture

My kind of culture is nothing profound, but it can make my day.  Wednesday afternoon I sat down in a high quality French Bakery with a well made iced espresso (good coffee pulled right, a little milk, no sweetener, and not too much ice so I can sip slowly without my drink turning to brown water).  OK, I’m fussy!   I was saying, I sat down with a perfect iced espresso and an incredibly flaky croissant a la framboise (I’ve worked in bakeries, so I’m fussy here, too, and let me tell you, Le Panier does it right…the pastry is buttery and the jam is seedy and thick!)  What was I saying?  Right.  I sat down with a perfect iced espresso, a perfect croissant, in a lively-but-not-too-crazy-noisy French bakery in Seattle, and read the front section of the New York Times.  (Yes I’m fussy about that, too. The Seattle paper? Hugely disappointing. So I’m happy as a pig in s**t when someone leaves the Times at a cafe).  Culture my style.

Taken with my Android phone and edited with Perfect Effects.


Many more looks at what culture means across this small, precious globe of ours can be found here. Most all of them are more profound than mine.


  1. You did it, finding a charming way to disclose a personal culture. I must tell you that I have been devoted to the NYT since I was a teenager. Unless in a remote location, I have not missed the Sunday NYT more than a handful of occasions. It’s almost like my personal Bible. Now I still hold it like a precious commodity on Sundays, but read the other days online.


    • There’s nothing like the feel of that paper in your hands, is there? I have gotten spotty about buying the Sunday Times – more so since I live further away & it costs more. Now you’re making me wish I had it today, and I’m already back inside from a walk, it’s cold out….maybe next week. Thanks for your comment!


    • I thought I replied to you comment yesterday but it’s not here…oh, I remember, I did that on your blog! So like I said, don’t move, because then we’d miss your masterful shots of abandoned spaces in the Dakotas. But do visit!


      • Lol, I just replied to your comment on the other post.
        I WILL be moving but south, not west. I’ll be focusing on the South Dakota ghost towns in the near future. And thank you for such a lovely compliment 🙂


  2. I like your style Lynn! 🙂

    p.s. I like how for a moment, when looking at the image, you have to ask, is this a photograph or a drawing?


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  4. Your photo and the little story of your personal moment of culture are so romantic; the whole is evocative of Hemingway’s Paris. That’s one time and place that hold great fascination for me. Perfect post for the challenge, Lynn.


  5. I’m with you ALL the way! I still remember the first croissant I ever ate. It was actually in France when I studied there in college. Fresh out of the oven (still warm), with home-made strawberry preserves and a cup of steaming coffee. Thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Many years later I read a croissant recipe and understood exactly WHY they taste so darned good!!! Great post.


    • Tina, I can imagine your delight. I remember being on vacation in St. Martin, in the 70’s. We stayed in a small, inexpensive place and walked down the road to a little bakery in the morning for freshly baked croissants filled with dark chocolate – I had never tasted anything like that. Health food it’s not, but it can be very healthy for the soul.


    • OK, it’s true, I have had an afternoon espresso habit – daily double, little bit of milk, no sweetener, hot when it’s cold out and cold when it’s hot out – for almost 20 years now. If I lived nearby that bakery, a more dangerous habit would probably take root, but it’s not close enough to be worrisome!.


    • Nice to hear from you, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. So many people are doing gluten-free…I suspect that at least cutting it down would be beneficial but so far, not enough motivation!


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