I love to look up –  always have – there are intriguing images to be found when you train your eyes to look at the world from different angles.

Sometimes to look up, I look down…

And sometimes I might get down on the ground to look up…

Up may be close at hand or far away into the treetops.

Whether at a cedar tree in a Seattle city park or an architectural gem on the High Line in New York, pointing the lens up rewards me.

Another muscular beauty on the High Line reveals its angles and reflects the clouds differently depending on where you stand.

The meditative expression and intricacies in the carving of this grand Buddha revealed themselves when I gazed up at Dia Tang Temple, a Seattle area Vietnamese Buddhists temple.

Looking up at a botanic garden delights my eyes with the soft pastel colors and underwater shapes of an akebia vine.

In a shady grove of cedars, fern fronds catch sunbeams and cast their shadows on one another. (The tilting LCD on my camera is indispensable when it comes to getting shots like this one.)

Looking at the reflection on the water, I imagine a frog’s-eye view of the grasses that edge the pool.

At the Experience Music Project in Seattle, the jostling angles of  Frank Gehry’s design form endlessly interesting compositions with Seattle’s iconic Space Needle, which looms overhead.

Maybe I shouldn’t have looked up (actually, for me, this is tantamount to an invitation!)

But if I didn’t look up, chances are I would have missed the way budding tree branches mix with their own reflections against a highrise.

When I looked skyward at a downtown building in New York, I focused my lens at a point midway up, ignoring the building’s foundation and its top, and something new happened.

But then New York is newness personified, and gawking at the skyline gives everyone a thrill.  Take that New York habit of looking high up with you wherever you go, point your camera or phone at what you see, and press that shutter.

There are many more ideas and views relating to what’s UP here, at the WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge.


  1. Once again, an amazing set of photos. Lynn. I really admire your photography so much! That first picture is amazing; I also love the ferns and the highrises, and of course the iconic Space Needle. Wonderful UPs!


  2. Agreed–a delightful set, all adding so much depth. Or should I say height? I particularly love the vine; I’ve never seen one before like that. It’s magical!


    • That vine is crazy! I took that photo last year at this time – went back yesterday to find they’d chopped it way back because they’ll be doing construction nearby, so I’ll have to wait for next year for more. It really is a mysterious-looking plant. Thanks for commenting.


    • This WAS in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge, and I posted it in the comments section on the DP site. I’ve never done a ping back, so if you still think I should – if you read this reply – tell me what to do! Thanks!!


  3. Absolutely dizzy with delight at these magnificent views from one side of the country to the other. You can take the girl out of NY but you can’t take the NY out of the girl!


  4. Somehow I’d missed this post! There are some super shots. I particularly like the vine and the the backlit ferns, and the Space Needle id a very strong composition.


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