A color challenge/photo challenge…so many colors…so many approaches…let’s just see what happens…















Color is

a Sol Lewitt piece at the 59th St. Columbus Circle subway station in New York, and

it’s an urban industrial sunset on Staten Island.

Color marches up a sculpture by John Fleming and soars

against bluest heaven.

Color is graffiti in Seattle, too – and the intricate thread-work

on an ancient Silk Road Ikat coat, tacked to a museum wall.

Color grows organically on a rusty old truck

behind a nursery in the Skagit Valley (where soon miles of tulips and daffodils

will set the evening aglow).

It plays games

in a midtown New York City store window.

Color is isolated

by a rubber glove dropped in a Seattle alley;

and color


when sunbeams illuminate a torn leaf

in my red cabinet.

Color sweetens the deal in pink and

purple stripes: red osier dogwood twigs blended, in camera.

It reflects late day sunlight  – 

silver and gold: a banner night. It 


in choppy waves across Chihuly glass

in Tacoma. 

Mid-day summer-sun sets color down


on tabletops set out on Seattle sidewalks.

Color ricochets through glasses in an old ship’s galley,

mushes together as it lays exposed

to the elements,


on a car door,

abandoned in a field,



Photographs taken with a Samsung camera phone & a Sony NEX digital camera, in NYC, Seattle, and other locations in the Pacific northwest.

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    • Thank you – I’m pleased you like those because they’re more unusual. I used to live near a lot of very raw, industrial sites, and sometimes it’s interesting to see what you can do with them.


  1. What an eclectic group of shapes and colors! I love Chihuly. I saw an exhibition of his in Akron, Ohio once and was entranced. After that, his work showed up several more places–at the White House in a glass Christmas tree, in Kew Gardens, London and another place or two as well.

    Thanks for the colorful trip.



    • They’re something, aren’t they? The antithesis of the Lewitt colors. I can think of two moss-covered trucks within a few miles of home, and it’s still a novelty to me to see the elements of metal and moss getting along so well.


  2. Lots to like here– the old trucks is such an interesting pallet.

    What really drew my attention was your intriguing use of specular highlights along the edge of the orange table (or stool?) — and also on your closeup of the Lewitt sculpture. Your highlight makes that picture work.


    • Who would think a truck could “grow” so many organic colors? And don’t give me too much credit – the table’s highlights needed next to no touch-up – the light was great, it grabbed me, I took the picture. And the Lewitt – that was with a phone & I had little control over the light, but you reminded me to notice that, and you’re right, if it was completely flatly lit, it wouldn’t be as interesting. Thanks!!


  3. Loved this post – the colours and your description. Loved all the rich textures in the abandoned cars and the one that gave longest pause is the on the on the left above the yellow glove.


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