The Future, or a Future? (or, straddling past, present and future)

Another Weekly Photo Challenge featuring phone photography – the challenge is, Future Tense!

I don’t think taking pictures with mobile devices is THE future of photography, but I suppose it is A future; one among many.

And adding effects with apps? Another future.

So in honor of camera phones, apps and playfulness, here are nine pictures taken with my phone

(a Droid Samsung) and processed with a single app: Pixlr ‘omatic.

Have you noticed how many popular app effects are evocative of the past?

They tempt me, you can see that.

So here I am, in the present, using a technology of the future to create images from the past…

More Weekly Photo Challenge photos can be seen here.


  1. Especially like the one with the bird in the window and the rain. Effects are too much fun. And it is interesting how many of them are nostalgic. I remember when everything digital was about clean and crisp. Now we seem to crave texture and imperfection.


  2. Very clever, Lynn: “So here I am, in the present, using a technology of the future to create images from the past…” Nice time continuum. I adore the bird’s nest. And the one of the road and the mountain that looks like an old travel postcard. 🙂


    • Thank you Cathy. That’s Mt. Rainier from the car. They’re fun to do, and very spontaneous because you don’t have the plethora of choices that are in Photoshop or Lightroom. You just scroll through the available effects and see which ones you like best. These only have a texture effect, a lighting effect, and a border – that’s it. There are similar programs for desktops; many are free.


    • Thank you – yes, the ease of it all is fun. The choices of effects can be overwhelming, but the speediness of processing on the phone makes spontaneously choosing one or two effects the way to go, and it’s fun that way.


  3. As one who only uses a mobile in cases of emergency and doesn’t even know his own number I view these technological advances from a distance! I applaud your willingness to have a go – and the results are both interesting and, in most cases, pleasingly successful. The last four I particularly like – they have a spontaneity and vibrancy about them that I can’t quite explain. I think further adventures in this medium will clearly add to your range of techniques and styles.


    • Having a teen (not now, but a decade ago) made it easy to be less intimidated. They are the digital natives and we, the immigrants, have to find our way. But that can be fun. I agree – it’s the spontaneity that grabs you with phone images. How to work with that…thanks you very much for the comment!


  4. Thanks you. Rainier is often behind clouds, nowhere to be seen, but when it appears, it really looms. And if you drive in that direction, before too long it’s right in front of you, looking grander and grander. It’s a good couple of hours from home so we don’t do it often enough. Very, very snowy up there now though.


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