The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge topic is “Forward”.

You don’t have to be

to know that forward motion can be

To get going,  you may need to be very,

You may face unexpected roadblocks.

Overcoming them could require a leap of faith,

And concerted effort,

Not to mention perfectly carefully calibrated speed.

Your “progress” may come at a cost,

And some days, you may need to shine a light on those cobwebs to make any progress at all,

But the best thing is when someone has your back – then you can move forward with ease.

WE’VE  GOT YOUR BACK, an outreach campaign created in 2009 by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) and Saatchi & Saatchi, supports veterans by encouraging them to communicate with other veterans, who have their back and can help them move forward.


This post is in honor of my son, a Marine deployed once each to Iraq and  Afghanistan, and home since July 3, 2011. I hope he knows I’ve got his back.  And in honor of this little boy from Helmand Province, whose photo was taken by my son. I hope he can move forward with his life into some kind of peace, whatever it might look like.



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Photographs taken in (from top) Edison, WA, Seattle, WA (boats), Mount Rainier, WA, Chua Dia Tang Monastery, Lynnwood, WA,  Snoqualmie National Forest, WA, on the Seattle-Bremerton Ferry, WA, New York City, NY, St. Edwards Park, Kirkland, WA, the Plaza Hotel Fountain, New York City, NY, and somewhere in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.


  1. Oh this was awesome. Creative and poignant. How fun it must have been to pull all these photos into a narrative! I so enjoy your posts. Thanks for being a bright spot in my WordPress world! 🙂


    • And likewise! I enjoy your blog so much – I can depend on it for something thought-provoking. Thanks for the compliment – it is fun sometimes, and it usually evolves as I’m working on it, as this one did. It helps to have Lightroom, which allows me to scroll through a kazillion photos quickly. Things jump out, and I can look for particular subjects, dates, etc. It helps. Then you just have to have time, and you have to like to play. Both are true these days.


  2. This is an amazing post, Lynn! How creative and clever to put this little bit of philosophy together in pictures and words. And peace and blessings to your son, who put his life in danger, in Iraq and Afghanistan, for his country. I hope he’s doing well. Hugs. xxx


    • Thank you Cathy (is it CatbirdinOman like the Catbird back east, or more like Cat-the-bird?). Anyway, sometimes I enjoy working these things out, like a puzzle. This time at first I had no fresh ideas, then I thought I might post photos of four words (ugh!), then as I scrolled through my photos it just came together – except for the last part. I worked on it up to the fern & cobwebs. Then I happened to see the We’ve Got Your Back photo and that piece came together. I thought that would be it. I took a break. When I came back to it I was thinking about the organization, and my son, who probably never contacted any such group (I wouldn’t be likely to find out if he did anyway). So finally, I decided to go with the personal connection; hence the last photo & dedication. I’m quite wary of putting personal info up, but I know that it’s the personal story that moves one and brings one in. It’s a koan for me, I guess. Thanks for being so enthusiastic!


      • Ah, Lynn, the catbird comes simply from my name. My maiden name is Birdsong, so Cathy Birdsong. When I was a kid everyone called me Bird, or Birdie or Bird-legs or even worse, Bird-brains!! So the catbird is just a shortened version of my maiden name. I actually am allergic to cats; in addition, I don’t like them!! I do love birds though!!

        I love how the creative process works for different people, and your process sounds fascinating. It was like a big puzzle coming together. I love the personal part, it shares something meaningful with people. I always believe it makes one closer to others, in this case your readers. I love it!


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  8. A beautiful post with so much heart, thoughtfulness and generosity. Just last night , I was at the rodeo and it was Arm forces night to honor the men and women who everyday offer their lives so we can all live safely. They are our heroes and so are their families they left behind. Our thought and prayers for them everyday.


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