The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “Kiss”.

Bark and Blossom:  Rough Meets Fragile

                         Pursed Lips: Ready


More renditions of the week’s topic are here.


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  3. Each of these images is super in its own way. I particularly like the contrasting textures in the first and the sepia touch in the last which (despite the clothes worn) suggests a timelessness – a scene applicable to any period in time.


    • Thank you – the contrasting textures was what drew me to that branch. I try not to get corny with the sepia – it can be overdone- but I really am fond of that look, so I’m glad you feel it worked.


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      • It will but we’re vacationing this spring and I will probably miss the arrival of my daffies and the 50-odd new tulips I planted in the fall. I’ll likely see them pushing skyward and then miss the display. Vacation? … or watch the daffies rise? … I’ll take the vacation 😉 and watch the daffies rise next year.


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