Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle

The grass is always green now at this former petroleum transfer facility, the views are always interesting, and the varied sculpture collection can be counted on to stimulate the imagination.


Richard Serra


On the bridge over the railroad tracks a glass walled walkway transforms the landscape, both above and below.


Teresita Fernandez


In the distance is Seattle’s skyline exclamation, the Space Needle. A huge Calder dominates the zigzag path through the park.


Alexander Calder


It’s free, so coming here to walk your dog makes sense, and once the clouds blow over, the Olympic Mountains will grace the view. Native trees and plants were used extensively in landscaping the nine acre, low maintenance, no pesticide park. Rolling in the grass is another good idea, but if weather threatens you can duck inside.


Ellsworth Kelly


A shop, reading materials, snacks, restrooms, and more great views are available at the Paccar Pavilion.

The Serra is my favorite.


  1. Nice essay! I like the second picture from the top- Sera’s work – which seems to fit nicely into your square. I also like that complex image you shot from the glassed in walkway– especially effective with it’s red/white/blue vignette on the lower right.


  2. Thank you very much. On the second picture, I also reduced clarity in LR quite a bit, and played with the saturation & luminance of individual colors. I like very simple shapes but I also am fond of complexity and layers, so the walkway is an example of the latter. I had to play with that one to get it balanced. The blue is color sandwiched in the glass – part of the artist’s work – along with the clear “holes” – and looking through all the colors in the glass was fun. Then they make cool reflections too, so it’s even more complex. it was a great place to take pictures.


  3. Selective siting, relative size and the careful juxtaposition of shapes are important features of a sculpture park. All of these elements are exemplified in this selection. You clearly enjoyed the experience.


  4. You know, you make it difficult to have a favorite!!! 🙂 Each and every one of these photos, for different reasons is a favorite. But, since it has yet to be mentioned I have to say why I love The Eagle photo. First, the red! Wonderful. On a grey Seattle day the red is powerful, it says “I am here and I won’t be missed!” Love that. Also love the movement in the sculpture although it reminded me of something far different than an eagle. Instead it reminded me of something I would do in yoga class! 🙂 Oh how I love when you go on explores, for I get to enjoy the loveliness from my desk chair! Thanks!


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