Blowing, Caught, Wafting, Swirling: Ever Present, Never Twice the Same







Apologies to Robert Irwin, an artist whose granite marker, inscribed with the phrase,




was part of an installation on the grounds of Wave Hill, a New York City public garden where I worked in 1987.


  1. I can’t say for sure, of course, but I don’t think Mr. Irwin would object…. I like what you’ve done with it…and do especially enjoy the laundry on the barbed wire….


    • Thank you – I’m glad you like that one – it’s just rags, and the fence is along a field far from “anywhere”, and I see the same thing now and again: rags tied to a fence. To keep cattle from accidentally bumping into the barbed wire? Don’t know, but I love the way it looks.


  2. At first glance that second image looks like delicate fabric on a clothesline – but then you notice the barbed wire.
    It’s very beautiful but also makes a deeper statement.


    • Yes – a contrast, the barbed wire and softly blowing rags. I’m glad you took the time to scroll back, and then to comment. These are some of the photos I care most about, so thank you very much!


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