Photos taken at Markworth State Forest, Carnation, Washington, and on Cherry Valley Road, Duvall, Washington, on two frosty, early January afternoons.


  1. I enjoyed these photos …. I love the effect of frosting on everything.
    I had hoped there would be snow here this morning, as half predicted, but it is just wet and dull!


  2. A super selection. My pick would be the second – the shapes, colours, textures and natural abstract pattern combine to produce a very satisfying picture. But I’m also attracted to the fifth – there are so many areas of interest inviting the eye to pause on various images within the broader scene.


  3. What an absolutely STUNNING collection of images. You have an amazing eye to catch these shots. Your walks look wonderful – we are waiting for some good proper cold weather as its been strangely mild here in Scotland but they say its coming tonight so I hope to be out with the camera tomorrow. These photos make me want to get right out there into the great outdoors, thank you.


  4. I’m glad you liked those – I have more that are in that range and I liked quite a few of them, but I tend not to want to crowd the post, if you know what I mean. Those two were handled differently in Lightroom – the last one with less clarity, reduced saturation, and heavily feathered vignetting; the first with little adjustment.


  5. Hi! I always like to take time to look at your posts. Your images are beyond visually stimulating. They invite me in and ask me to stay for a while, to ponder and reflect on the delicate detail you clearly love to capture and do so successfully. Number 3 I particularly enjoyed because I had to stop and look longer at it, first visiting the visual similes and then deciphering what it really was. I liked the stories I made up about it while doing so. I liked number 5 as well as I liked the architecture of the man made structure emerging from the growth. I enjoyed another beautiful post.


    • Well, what can I say? It’s true there’s some satisfaction in posting itself, but it’s the feedback that makes it really worthwhile, and to hear comments like these is so pleasing! Yes, I love the details – I have been studying nature at very close range since I was tiny myself. You’re very generous to give me all this very personal and real feedback. You understood exactly what I liked about the building, too – the contrast and yet similarity between the frosty grasses and the old wooden building. There are so many treasures like that around here. thank you!


  6. All of these photos really capture the essence of a winter’s day. I am so craving winter as I haven’t experienced it in over 2 years. I love all of these but especially the second and the fourth one. 🙂


    • I’m so tired of “winter” right now – isn’t it funny? I’m sure if I were in your position these images would make me want to see & feel at least a few frozen days, too. Grass is always greener…and thank you for your comments. I don’t think this kind of frost happens very often here, so I’m glad I was able to get out and take a lot of pictures, and then get them up ere where people can see them. Thanks for commenting!


      • Of course, Lynn, the grass is always greener!! If I were in Virginia right now, I might be sick of winter myself. But I really love all that the 4 seasons have to offer, and as there are only two seasons in Oman: hot and hotter, I’m really craving the changes!


  7. Hot and hotter – I would take the “Hot” for a few days about now….and if I were there as long as you, I’m sure I’d be craving seasonal changes. Another way the weather changes is in the daily changes, and here there are fewer of those than there are in the NY area – probably VA too. In NY there are wild swings of temperature and humidity and wind, but here, it’s steady, with small, incremental changes. Very different, and though it can be tiresome, I think overall I’m finding it easier to live without the wild swings that the east coast has.


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