• That fits with what I know of you from your blog, which you know I really enjoy. What a challenge it would be to find all the colors in this photo, right? But you could probably do it, and then make something beautiful from them. A strange thing happens sometimes, if I process a photo in a program called Perfect Effects – after I hit “Apply” and the changes are applied, the image is transferred back to Lightroom, where I keep my photos, and just as it transfers, it breaks for the briefest moment into horizontal lines of all the colors in the image. I’d love to stop it and capture that abstraction. Makes me think of you.


      • You are so right, I haven’t stopped thinking about that image all week! I think I mentioned before how much I like the work of Agnes Martin and her ‘Holiday’ series of paintings are all painted in a similar palette to this photo, sublime! I think the photo works so well because the soft pinks and greens in the background are so well distributed and the dry curly white willow herb looks like its whipping up the soft colours into a pastel haze.


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