Three Forks Natural Area in Snoqualmie, Washington

We were supposed to have a little sun yesterday. Well, the sun barely showed,  but at least it wasn’t raining so I took a drive south and found a spot along the Snoqualmie River to take a few pictures. I love the texture of a mountain with just a little snow on it, and the subtle drifts of clouds along the peaks.



Up the road people were casting for steelhead trout, but here it was quiet.


Until a paraglider caught my eye – the camera lens can only take in so much, so you have to look hard. But that’s what it looked like – a vast sky, a forbiddingly steep, rocky mountain face, and a tiny paraglider drifting down into the trees.


Somewhere over there, hopefully, a good landing was made.


The Big Leaf Maples along the river edge were thick with moss and licorice fern. They say the rootstock of this pretty little fern that stays green all winter tastes like licorice, but I keep forgetting to try it.


As for climbing Mount Si, I’m not in shape for that climb (thousands of people do though, every year) but I’m glad I can photograph it.


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