Weekly Photo Challenge: City

Better late than never…Jakesprinter’s Weekly Photo Challenge is “City”.

Which city shall it be?  Washington DC?  Penang?  Blaenau Gwent, Wales?  Janjanburh, Gambia?   Those cities caught the fancy of the maker of this sign post in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.

But I haven’t had the opportunity of traveling that far afield. I hope you’ll be satisfied with images from two US cities- a few are quite atypical of cities. But then, I love the atypical!

Lower East Side, NYC street scene (worth a thousand words, I bet – what’s going on here?)

A glimsp into a Chinese Buddhist temple, also on New York’s Lower East Side.

At Liberty Street and Trinity Place in New York,

caddy corner to the World Trade Center site,

a November evening rain lights the sidewalks with warm reflections.

Just a few miles away on Staten Island’s south shore,

a large flock of Brant is settling in for the evening,

with the Verrazano Bridge gracing the distance.

That’s Brooklyn across the bay.

The lines of this Frank Gehry gem, the IAC Building, exemplify the openness to new ideas that cities at their best embody.


I couldn’t resist photographing this landmark through a fence covered with a morning glory vine gone to seed.

An alley near Pioneer Square, Seattle.

Exploring the nearest alley provides relief from the egoistic facades of cities.

Not that I don’t appreciate a nice facade, particularly when it’s complimented by a scrim of spring flowering branches.

When facades play off each other

just as the sun sets

on a January afternoon

(on New York’s High Line),

that’s nice, too.

Cites are exciting and they’re full of opportunities. I learned that when I first visited New York…and I never forgot.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my creation. All of the citietioference to Georgetown,all are curruntly or formerly named Georgetown. As one local describes us “we are the Carnival that lives year-round and never moves”.


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