Delicious Weekly Photo Challenge

Jake’s sunday post challenge for this week is “delicious“. Context can be key in creating deliciousness:

Who can resist? Pat Hains, of Hains House, outside Olympia, WA, is a baker par excellence. And she has love and warmth to spare. Staying at Hains House means dining outdoors on hearth baked pizza (that you helped make), waking up to a spectacular huge breakfast, and getting a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie send-off.

What rain? Food truck dumplings in Chelsea, NYC, taste even better in a downpour.

Turkish coffee – smooth, intense, and satisfying – especially when attended to with gentle precision and served with care.

Fresh picked herbs – delicious. Even more so when plucked from a kitchen garden scratched out of the earth on the grounds of the Buddha Ariyamett Aram Temple in rural Connecticut, and offered to a passerby (lucky me), roots and all.

Baranek Wielkanocny , a Polish Easter custom, here embodied in a little lamb made of butter. Made more delicious from the warmth of families sharing Easter dinner.

Cheetos aren’t usually my idea of delicious, but really, it all depends on context – the right time, the right place and so many other variables come into play to fire those delicious neurons on our brains.


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    • Your love for your son & your appreciation for his life, and how it affects yours, comes across strong in your blog. Love to watch the kids play like that – I can imagine squeals of delight when the gull goes after that snack! Glad you’re appreciating every moment.


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