Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Free Spirit

I don’t know who took this picture but to me, it fits this week’s topic. It’s my son, living the conundrum of free spirit US Marine. He’s on deployment in an opium poppy growing region of southern Afghanistan (last year). Yes, those are fresh-picked opium poppies, in case you didn’t know.  And no, he didn’t get hurt, but he lost a good friend (RIP Sean Callahan) and now, on his return to the states, he is struggling and failing to fit into the military mold. But whatever trouble he gets into, it’s good for me to remember the beautiful side of his essential free spirit, something I know I encouraged from day one.



  1. Opium poppies are so beautiful. It can be very difficult when they lose friend or just being there in all that stress. My son lost a friend a month into Iraq and I have known many active duty people that did not come back the same. It breaks my heart. I love the pictures and hope he can keep smiling.


  2. Thank you very much. Yes, the poppies are beautiful, the smiles are beautiful, but the suffering is heart breaking. It’s tough for him now, which makes it tough for me, too, so that’s why I wanted to remind myself of the positive side of his free-spiritedness.


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