Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

I photographed Larry on his porch this summer in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, WA, USA. He’s lived in this house for many years and considers it a botanical sanctuary.



  1. I love “porch” as a space at American houses.
    It creates very neat space and activities.
    Since we do not have that part of the house in our culture, it always made me envy when I see it.
    Great capture! I really enjoyed it.


    • Thank you very much – yes, porches are interesting “between” spaces, aren’t they? Not quite public & not quite private – a fuzzy boundary. A place one can feel safe watching the world go by, interact a little, a lot or not at all – which seemed to be what Larry enjoyed.


    • Thank you so much! He was quite a presence! I have more pics of him I’ll have to get onto my blog soon. But here’s a confession – In this photo his face was obscured by vines, so I cloned out most of them in Photoshop. It’s certainly not a “purist” thing to do, but I love his face & thought it improved the shot.


  2. great elements. . . porch, arbor over the steps, the trees that draw the eye to the porch, the chair waiting at the top of the steps and Larry’s great expression. excellent photograph and expression of an urban setting where front porches still exist.


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